Philosophy: A Just-So Story

It’s silly to think the tiny fraction of philosophy I study, with little or no success, is at all understandable to the general public. This is a fact that has bothered me for some time. Since, although philosopher is a very vague term, it is clear that one ought to try and achieve two separate […]

Old Paper, Debate (with R. Scott Bakker) and Owed Response

Nearly a year ago, I posted a paper (below), to which R. Scott Bakker responded (below, below). We then proceeded to go back and forth a little. Recently, I realised I owed Bakker a response, which I thought I’d prime by first reposting the context. So, here is the paper, and below that is the […]

Informal Hour Ep. 4 – Wittgenstein and the “Evil God” Challenge with Stephen Law

Download this episode (right click and save) Here is the feed if you’re using a podcast app. Stephen’s paper on the private language argument Stephen’s paper on the standard metreĀ  Stephen’s paper on belief Stephen’s blog Stephen’s Center for Inquiry blog  

On the Relationship Between Philosophy and Science with Massimo Pigliucci

  How do you define the following: philosophy, science and pseudoscience? I try not to. Philosophy, science and pseudoscience are what Wittgenstein called family resemblance concepts. They are not identified by sharp boundaries, they grade into each other, and there is no small set of necessary and jointly sufficient conditions that one could use to […]

Update: Wittgenstein, Turing and Law

Here is a brief update of all the things I have recently been working on. I wrote on Wittgenstein and Turing debating mathematical ontology. I have started a philosophical audio series, which will be for one hour a time. Today I will be speaking with Stephen Law. Also in the menu you will find recommended […]