Universal Logic and the Form of Transcendental Arguments

Universal Logic and the Logical Form of Transcendental Arguments;                    A Possible Link Between My Dissertation and Kant Before I get into the meat of the argument, there are a few table preparations to be made. Firstly, since this essay is meant to draw a line between transcendental philosophy (particularly, with a bent towards Kant), […]

Concept Manipulation in Language

One question to answer, is whether this type of derivation is possible, at all: (Where (C1-3) stands for ‘cognitive act’.) Recognition and Order Change: 1.“Can water flow?” – input C1. Can, {water{can, flow}} – initial recognition C2. {flow{can, ‘x’}} – extrapolation of concept Rule and Application: C3. {‘x’ iff ≥ y*… {can, flow}} – possible application […]

Philosophy: A Just-So Story

It’s silly to think the tiny fraction of philosophy I study, with little or no success, is at all understandable to the general public. This is a fact that has bothered me for some time. Since, although philosopher is a very vague term, it is clear that one ought to try and achieve two separate […]

Informal Hour Ep. 9 – Ought Implies Can, Massimo and Toad with Vlad Chituc

Download this episode (right click and save) You can hear my son crying in the first couple of minutes of the Podcast, which, is one of the joys of being a father (constant interruptions). Sorry about that. Vlad’s Website Vlad’s 5Q Interview Vlad’s (et al) Cognition paper refuting Ought Implies Can Vlad’s (et al) Analysis […]