Concept Manipulation in Language

One question to answer, is whether this type of derivation is possible, at all: (Where (C1-3) stands for ‘cognitive act’.) Recognition and Order Change: 1.“Can water flow?” – input C1. Can, {water{can, flow}} – initial recognition C2. {flow{can, ‘x’}} – extrapolation of concept Rule and Application: C3. {‘x’ iff ≥ y*… {can, flow}} – possible application […]

Philosophy: A Just-So Story

It’s silly to think the tiny fraction of philosophy I study, with little or no success, is at all understandable to the general public. This is a fact that has bothered me for some time. Since, although philosopher is a very vague term, it is clear that one ought to try and achieve two separate […]

Old Paper, Debate (with R. Scott Bakker) and Owed Response

Nearly a year ago, I posted a paper (below), to which R. Scott Bakker responded (below, below). We then proceeded to go back and forth a little. Recently, I realised I owed Bakker a response, which I thought I’d prime by first reposting the context. So, here is the paper, and below that is the […]